Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Sir Winston Churchill


One of healthcare PR's most respected leaders serves as your primary resource, offering a rare parity in experience and accomplishment with clients at the
C-suite level.


The Art of Wholepoint

Insight in art allows artists to interpret images in ways audiences enjoy because it predictably evokes a positive response in them.


OUR WHY: Wholepoint exists to 'give truth a chance' in PR. We do so by making truth the gyroscopic center of our thinking. Truth is the origin of trust. It is the only universal language that survives time among all audiences. It is requisite to sustainable value and progress. The truth is what matters most. Wholepoint fully dedicates itself to bringing truth and all its related characteristics to Public Relations: forthrightness, authenticity, and transparency.

It's not semantics. This fundamental focus, although at times difficult to implement, wields great power. The good news is it becomes much easier to execute over time if diligently practiced. PR gurus speak of the power of persuasion. But truth owns persuasion. It will not be ignored, minimized or dismissed. Nobody can refute it – try though they might.

OUR HOW & WHAT: Wholepoint seeks to eliminate the gap between the truth (reality) and a client's desired status or image. This often makes us "change agents" so that a client's reflection in the mirror is exactly what that client would like to see. We methodically identify and help eliminate disconnects wherever they exist in a company's reputation, operations, culture, and products. By doing this, we help CEOs and companies better express themselves to audiences vital to their future success and growth.

OUR ADVANTAGE: Clear, truthful thinking is how we start our assessment, and we continue it as we develop our strategies and insights. We then add our ability to articulate those strategies and insights extremely well, adding our creative talents to the power of its expression. This significantly advantages our clients and delivers results that often exceed their expectations. 

WHOLEPOINT is a small, high-powered consultancy featuring one of the most experienced corporate PR executives available, Greg Baird, who becomes your strategic and creative partner, and who follows through by actually executing the work. Greg helps you shape your reality so it becomes your strongest asset, and then smartly communicates it to achieve optimal results – especially during times of change.

With the truth at the core of our PR machine, we gain greater respect, greater alignment and greater influence within your target audiences. This drives your reputation and your business opportunities.

Specific outcomes typically include: a stronger corporate reputation and culture, successful change initiatives, more positive media coverage, greater valuation by investors, more trusted and productive relationships with KOLs and decision-makers, higher recruitment & retention of top talent, and greater receptivity to your company's products and business plan.


  • Cultural overhaul to turn your talent and workplace into decisive competitive advantages
  • PR insight and strategy at the C-suite level
  • Exceptionally strong creative ability: new ideas and approaches
  • Hands-on tactical execution by Greg Baird  
  • Ambassadorial credibility to engage top influencers more effectively
  • Change management transitions
  • Courage to say what is necessary and integrity to do it right
  • Highly responsive and personalized service

Some of WP's finest and best-known work has been in the areas of Change Management and Cultural Overhaul. Because of Greg's corporate-side track record in these areas, WP brings a wealth of experience and well-tested approaches to our clients. But we always seek to integrate new ways to be more effective, and learn with every client experience. We also carefully measure our effectiveness with sensible metrics designed to accurately evaluate our impact.  

If your needs demand a large team, WP offers scalability by easily accessing a world-class PR partner to handle any size account.

For details about these and other key capabilities, see our Capabilities section.