The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Distrust of industry blocks many opportunities for important alliances involving the academic and non-profit sectors. We have a winning formula.

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Credibility and relevance are everything when attempting to inform patients and providers about new advances in clinical medicine. Working with the trusted voices of thought leaders helps break the barriers of distrust and cynicism toward pharmaceutical promotion. It allows us to create higher caliber programming in the eyes of your audience, and therefore delivers higher message penetration, acceptance, and behavior change.

It is challenging to create meaningful alliances or to gain a seat at the table within the advocacy community. Doing this takes more time and effort, and has some risk of sensitivities associated with it. Let Wholepoint provide a shortcut to success by leveraging our reputation, skills and track record on your behalf. The results will be well worth it. We have made significant impact in the diabetes, oncology, cardiovascular, respiratory, and neuroscience communities.

Our work in these areas has included creating:

  • Public Education Campaigns
  • Coalitions / Alliances
  • Advisory Boards / Steering Committees
  • White Papers
  • Editorials / Op Eds
  • Task Forces
  • Foundations
  • Speakers Bureaus

Working closely with our clients and outside experts, Wholepoint creates true partnerships in which third-party thought leaders directly help shape the direction and messaging of our work product. This delivers superior results in less time and with greater efficiency.

Wholepoint works to clarify and validate your intentions to facilitate a mature, non-transactional relationship. Whether an NGO, blogger/advocate, influential disease group, payer organization, or policy-maker, we achieve alignment and a shared agenda – even at times with seemingly opposing forces.

"First try to understand before trying to be understood."
− Stephen Covey / The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Alliance Development and Advocacy require being present and accounted for in your stakeholders' environment, and listening so their position and why they have it is clearly understood. This opens the door for when our clients need to be understood.