Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Henry Ford

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We are particularly effective navigating significant change by being able to recommend and implement strategies and communications that build trust, strengthen relationships, and facilitate operations.

Whether the change involves turnarounds, management transitions, an acquisition, restructuring, site closures, product withdrawals, or class action lawsuits – your company will be challenged to communicate more effectively than ever before.

When change is significant, reaffirming or redesigning your corporate brand, your culture, and other key corporate landmarks can be necessary. We assess how it will affect your internal and external relationships, and then how best to manage those toward success.

Our process and counseling typically includes:

  • Interviews with leadership overseeing change, and a small-scale employee insight survey
  • Increase/improve leadership interface during change
  • Assure CEO messaging provides critical trust and transparency during change journey
  • Identify key areas of resistance toward change and issues that arise; develop effective response
  • Focus on landmarks not changing that can help guide people through change
  • Create a cultural mood of trust, as if "holding hands" with employees during change
  • Provide creative & tactical support for employee communications & events
  • Assure employees affected by change are treated with visible respect
  • Conduct proactive, effective media relations with key reporters throughout change

Greg Baird has some of the best corporate-side experience for Change Management currently available. He has handled the reputational, cultural and communication aspects of major changes at Genentech as a corporate officer, and he was an executive committee member at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (U.S. and Global) during its significant turnaround agenda to become a better-recognized competitor. Greg also has helped many companies with varying Change Management agendas, including Pfizer, Amgen, Millennium/Takeda, Biogen, Baxter, Searle, FedEx Express, and Intarcia Therapeutics.