Well done is better than
well said.

Benjamin Franklin


  • We don't publicize a client list.
  • We don't send out press releases when we win business.
  • We're silent partners who keep our focus on our clients, not ourselves.

We have references, however, and we'd be happy to share them with you.

Our attitude toward our client business

A visibly satisfied client is what makes our work worthwhile and rewarding. Reciprocally, we seek clients who want our best thinking and creativity. And when our clients deem our interaction to be fun, then we've met an important secondary endpoint.

We like being innovators on our clients' behalf. Quite simply, we like what we do in terms of self-actualization and the gratification that comes with a job well done.

That said, we have something that keeps us a little 'incomplete' and anxious – what we don't know and how we might do something better next time. We want to keep that a closely held part of our approach, because no success is ever final.