In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.

Thomas Jefferson

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We create the brand and reputation for startups, and we improve the brand and reputation of large biopharmaceutical companies. We do it by getting our hands on the levers that actually drive your brand and reputation: Your CEO and your top talent, your science, your pipeline, your culture, your vision, and the values you live in your day-to-day operations and decisions. We seek to honestly but compellingly differentiate you in your marketplace.

One critical lever is managing the perception of the CEO as the exemplar and voice of your company's vision and values – and its future. We also assess how your company's culture, products, services, science, and leadership team might better contribute to your overall reputation. And as a matter of corporate character, we build: patient-centricity, trustworthiness, social responsibility, and alignment & relevance among stakeholders.

At Wholepoint, we don't believe 'image making' should exceed reality. Hyperbole is never an advantage when building a reputation. We seek the credibility and the sustainability only an earned reputation can give you – one based on facts and competitive differentiation worthy of the admiration of others.

Our most senior counselor, Greg Baird, has an established track record advising and shaping the corporate brands and reputations of well-known companies and CEOs. He was a corporate officer at Genentech leading these efforts, and he was an executive committee member at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in charge of leading its reputation both globally and in the U.S. He has counseled Pfizer, Amgen, FedEx Express, Biogen, Baxter, Millennium/Takeda, Searle, and Intarcia Therapeutics. As part of his role, Greg leads Wholepoint's analytics, strategy, creativity, and tactical execution so the job gets done right, including among key outside influencers and journalists.

Change Management:
We are particularly effective in the face of significant change, such as an acquisition, restructuring, management transitions, downturns, product withdrawals, and class action lawsuits. How change is handled has considerable impact on business-critical relationships with stakeholders. Change requires a clear vision of progress and a transparent understanding of "why" the changes were undertaken in the first place. We help you develop a highly desirable "after" picture that people accept and support. See our section devoted to Change Management.

Our Corporate Brand & Reputation work can include:

  • Create brand name, look, vision, and value proposition for a new company, or division of a large company
  • Coach C-suite on how to bring to life the brand & reputation of the company with key audiences, including the media
  • Improve organizational alignment w/management objectives by creating mutual trust and purpose
  • Identify and address key areas of resistance to facilitate change agenda (if applicable)
  • Conduct audience-based analytics of your reputation to identify high ROI areas of opportunity ("Fresh-eye diagnostics")
  • Internal analysis of your current brand assets and liabilities
  • Landscape analysis of competitive environment & challenges: Identify thought leadership role
  • Re-energize your Corporate Reputation w/stronger communications platform: Identify unique areas of competitive excellence
  • Crisis management: effectively address new challenges as well as recurring problems
  • Re-engage disenfranchised audiences: Make collaborators out of frictional audiences
  • Develop creative strategies and ideas to elevate and differentiate your brand
  • Establish a visible net social benefit that clearly transcends your self-interest as a commercial entity
  • Create a meaningful CSR (corporate social responsibility) and Sustainability initiative that reflects the temperament and character of your brand and your people

Inside-Out Branding:
Money spent building core strength inside your company delivers significant benefit to your external corporate brand and reputation. We call it "inside-out branding," because improvements of this nature are invariably noticed and appreciated by outside commentators, and they can even improve your company's market capitalization. It is one of the most credible and sustainable ways of improving your corporate reputation. It also generates valuable word-of-mouth and social media "buzz" about your company.

Who you are within your own walls is what your company comes to be known as externally.

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