Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right

Peter F. Drucker

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We understand what best/brightest talent wants, and what management needs from them. We help our clients create a leadership environment where employees more accurately reflect your company's vision and purpose, and increase their engagement, loyalty and productivity. Our process turns your culture into a well-differentiated experience that improves recruitment and retention of top-tier talent, creating brand ambassadors in the industry and in your communities. Greg Baird probably has the most impressive corporate-side experience available among "hands-on" PR agency counselors. At Wholepoint, his counsel, insights & strategies, and creative tactics have yielded significant success for our clients.

Fresh-Eye Diagnostics:
A signature service of Wholepoint is our 'fresh-eye' diagnostics of your employee culture. It's very straightforward and efficient – providing accurate diagnostics from a small, inexpensive survey. Our priority is to be accurate and highly effective while being nimble and efficient.

We focus on what makes your organization tick, and what slows its movement. We also look for areas of alignment between management and employees, and where it is missing – and why. This allows us to design precise strategies and tactics that raise employee engagement to fuel growth while meeting the 'satisfiers' top talent expects.

Our goal is to help unleash your employee talent so it can achieve your business goals in a mutually trusting and respectful manner. We prompt leadership to be cultural exemplars by "living the values" in operating decisions and employee relations. In short, we help build a stronger organization that the Street comes to rely upon to deliver better results time and again – increasing investor confidence and valuation.

Inside-Out Branding:
Money spent building core strength inside your company delivers significant benefit to your external corporate reputation. We call it "inside-out branding," because improvements of this nature are invariably noticed and appreciated by outside commentators, and they can even improve your company's market capitalization. It is one of the most credible and sustainable ways of improving your corporate reputation. It also generates valuable word-of-mouth and social media "buzz" about your company.

Who you are within your own walls is what your company comes to be known as externally.

We provide a full range of leadership counsel, culture reinvention and/or reinvigoration, and best-practice employee communication services. All these initiatives strengthen mutual trust and respect between leadership and employees, which better aligns your employees with your business goals, and builds the passion and tenacity for excellence capable of breaking into sustainable top-tier performance.


Are you de-motivating employees without even knowing it?
Fun at work is a vital business dimension of highly successful companies. Really high momentum can only be sustained over time if fun is somewhere in the equation. As a co-founder of Google noted: "Work should be challenging, but the challenge should be fun." Otherwise work inevitably becomes a burnout.

What does "fun" look like at work? Feeling appreciated, being listened to, engaging occasionally in smart banter and enjoying seeing others do the same, having approachable leaders who don't take themselves too seriously, being allowed to "swing for the fences" by taking reasonable risks, staying connected to patients, and being part of a winning team. These are some of the hallmarks of having fun at work.

A common fun-killer at work is low confidence. This is most often caused by a culture of fear, where leadership seems unapproachable, punitive and risk-intolerant. It can be aggravated by a lack of transparency in decision-making, which includes hearing announcements after-the-fact or secondhand, as well as leaders not explaining the "why" of decisions. High confidence is key to top-tier performance.

"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things."
Joe Namath

A team that does "amazing things" with regularity and predictability is just what you want!

Becoming a great company able to distinguish itself beyond its competitors requires consistently exceptional performance. That begins with confident employees who deliver that type of performance. Confidence affords them the 'elbow room' to do their best work – to take reasonable risks, to innovate, and to speak up with counterpoint thinking and disruptive ideas. It also allows employees to support team success instead of worrying only about personal success.

As former business icon Dave Packard said when asked:

"How do you motivate your people?"

"I don't.  I hire motivated people and try not to demotivate them."
Dave Packard

Demotivating top talent is all too easily done, and a poor culture is one of the most common ways to demotivate talent from top-tier performance. Not demotivating employees requires a conscious decision, resourcing, and ongoing diligence to display best-practice leadership and a values-based culture. It's always worth the effort.