Whether you think you can, or that you can't, you are usually right.

Henry Ford


One of healthcare PR's most respected leaders serves as your primary liaison, bringing a refreshing parity of experience and insight to the table. Greg also acts as your touchstone to other PR talent required for scalability. In fact, for large-scale PR initiatives, Wholepoint can effortlessly engage with a much larger PR partner on your behalf. This model has proven extremely effective in actual practice. Or, Wholepoint can operate at its own counseling scale delivering high-level consulting rarely available in the Healthcare PR agency business.

A review from a long-term client and colleague:

Greg is one of the most insightful, passionate and successful practitioners of PR I've had the privilege of working with. In the seventeen years I've known him, he has distinguished himself as a courageous and principled force in PR who has real business and people impact. He also has a wealth of high-level corporate PR experience in leading biotech and pharma companies, which differentiates him from most PR firms. Greg has the character and ambassadorial skills to earn the trust and respect of top-tier journalists, world-class academic experts, leaders of renowned organizations, and the support of whomever he needs to fulfill a mission.

Kurt Graves
Chairman, President and CEO
Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.


Greg Baird Portrait

Greg Baird
CEO & Founder

Greg helps companies better express themselves. By doing so, he helps create more admired reputations, products, services, and corporate brands. He also helps leadership unleash talent through a values-driven corporate culture that is real and sustainable – something you can take to the bank because it allows your Company to excel beyond others, rise above controversy, exit the doldrums, or reinvent itself.

Equally important, Greg can optimize critical interfaces with external constituencies not only to make sure there is no distortion, alienation, misconception, or threatening negativity, but also to strengthen good interfaces into great interfaces. He is renowned for his work with top-tier journalists who have a decidedly negative editorial posture toward a Company and/or CEO.

Greg has an impressive track record helping CEOs and executive committees get their hands on cultural levers that drive greater success within their company. Greg allows his easy-going personality to speak-up honestly about 'elephants' in the room that stand in the way of greater success. He overcomes difficult topics and obstacles by aligning management and employees toward common goals.

As the founder and CEO of Wholepoint, Greg helps executives create stronger engagement inside and outside organizations by creating a 360° line-of-sight relationship among leadership, employees, and customers. By doing so, he has proven his ability to create turnarounds in numerous case studies. Greg is considered a leading expert in corporate culture, change management, employee communications & engagement, and corporate brand enhancement. He has helped put clients ahead of the curve of their environment by creating a cultural force inside that emanates more credibly and successfully outward. Greg demonstrates convincingly that great brands are accurate reflections of what's truly inside a company – not trumped-up advertising images. It's what he calls "inside-out" branding.

Despite having served at very senior positions in both corporate and agency settings, Greg's favorite pastime is rolling-up his sleeves and actually doing the work. When working with senior-level clients, Greg does not delegate, as he believes these clients deserve parity in thinking and execution. He maintains an extremely impressive level of 24/7-responsiveness for key clients, which goes far beyond that of almost all other healthcare consultants of his experience and seniority.

Greg is an articulate communicator both orally and in writing, and he has excellent personal interaction skills. Some client colleagues have called his persuasive ability almost occult because it is so authentic it materially distinguishes itself from "pitching" or "selling" a point of view. He holds to a very high standard of creative excellence and tactical execution. Greg has won numerous PR awards, including "Top Ten PR Pros" and several "Silver Anvils." Greg also has an impressive track record in Product PR launching and commercializing major biopharmaceutical products, and his awards reflect this same reality.

On the corporate side, Greg has worked at Pfizer, Searle, Genentech (as a Corporate Officer), and at Novartis (as a member of the Executive Committee for both the US and Global Pharma companies). On the agency side, he has worked at Burson-Marsteller, Hill and Knowlton (head of NYC Healthcare), Porter Novelli (Global Head of Healthcare), and now Wholepoint (Founder and CEO). In total, Greg served 12 years as a member of the Executive Team of Fortune 100 corporations, and has served as the Global head of Communications on both the corporate and agency side.

At Genentech, Greg was hired as a corporate officer in charge of communications to address the Company's most controversial chapter in its history. Most notably, he was instrumental in turning around their reputation with the Wall Street Journal, as well as several business-critical audiences (both external and internal), including Town Trustees and the Planning Committee of South San Francisco, patient advocacy groups vital to Genentech's commercial interests, and their own Board of Directors.

Greg has held positions with key PR professional organizations at the Board level, and has consulted for Federal agencies (FDA). Both his Bachelors and Masters Degree were earned at SUNY Stony Brook Health Sciences Center. He has been a member of the Board of Public Health Solutions, a non-profit serving the Greater New York Area, and he currently serves as a member of the Board of the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, a non-profit organization committed to shaping NYS public policy for people in need. He has been a member of several PR professional societies and boards where he served in varying capacities to advance the success of those organizations.

Greg is married and lives in Northern New Jersey. He has three grown children, two of whom live in Manhattan, and one in Montana. He likes to work out and stay in shape at the gym. Greg most enjoys having fun socializing with family and friends.

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