Take care of the patient and everything else will follow.

Thomas Frist, M.D.

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Creating a zone of PR partnership – Shared goals, messages and outcomes

Wholepoint helps drive brand growth the right way by focusing on patient progress. When PR visibly aligns with patient interest, both patients and providers support the campaign by taking ownership of its messaging. Earlier and broader adoption of new prescribing behavior occurs. This helps achieve optimal clinical value for a new product efficiently and effectively. The key is partnership and a shared agenda.

Trustworthy, relevant information comes from PR partnership. Otherwise it is seen as biased data, and discounted. This holds doubly true for reporters who are skeptical of single-source pharmaceutical promotion, and they vet their PR sources. Basing communications on input from patients, advocates and academic medical experts avoids resistance and increases message receptivity. It takes more effort, some give-and-take, and seasoned relationship management, but instead of appearing as a special interest, your campaign is seen as part of your audience's solution.

To do this, we immerse ourselves deeply in your market, identifying optimal authorities as spokespeople and/or advisors to assure our network is well respected and well entrenched. This drives highly reliable and timely input to inform our strategies and tactics. It helps us determine which messages resonate best, to identify emerging trends, and to consider competitive activity and impact. We then select which channels of communication are most likely to succeed in gaining attention, and ultimately changing attitudes and behaviors. Social media plays a critical role in this.

We also leverage unbranded campaigns (digital and social media) to more readily attract and activate your target audiences, and to create lasting relationships. This approach helps provide the accurate and easily accessible information your customers want. At the same time it allows us to provide branded RM opportunities from unbranded communication platforms.

Wholepoint is well known for its creativity in Product PR, and has a distinguished track record working with distinguished influencers from within academic medicine, patient advocates, top reporters, analysts, and patient-publishers (bloggers). We generate increased understanding and appreciation of your brand's differentiated benefits. Whether at a major medical congress, part of an important consumer health story, or a social media campaign, we deploy credible tactics commensurate with the opportunity for patient progress. And whenever possible, we do it all as part of our zone of PR partnership.