The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.

Albert Einstein

Clear thinkers who articulate well have what others call disproportionate influence.
Those who offer accurate insights into the evolving market are thought leaders.
But true leaders translate all this into the innovative action we call progress.

OUR THINKING: Increase your perceived value by making your potential to deliver clinical progress highly visible, credible and relevant to your stakeholders. Truly important companies – the ones worth watching – deliver needed progress ahead of their competitors and in ways that are visibly aligned with patients. We help differentiate your company by developing its thought leadership role in ways that are relevant and important to your audiences, and that build your long-term reputation. We get you in front of your audiences in ways that make a positive difference – delivering real business and people impact.

Why is this so important? In the U.S., there is a crisis of confidence in Corporate America. Distrust has accumulated around Wall Street in politics, environmental controversy, lost leadership, price gouging, and the growing perception of pharmaceutical industry intransigence to create a more shared and transparent agenda with consumers. As a result, many influencers and the general public distrust and vilify the biopharmaceutical industry, and the media treats it as a lightening rod for negative coverage. Differentiating a company from this generalization is critical. It begins with establishing a fundamental and genuine level of trust and accountability.

Our thinking is to communicate in a way that builds earned trust and respect by seeking alignment and shared agendas with your key audiences. This takes real and honest effort.

We elevate you from special interest status to being part of your audience's solution.

  • Create a net social benefit that is clearly visible.
    Develop your brand and your reputation to be part of a solution that is clearly greater than your self-interest. Show the value of your innovation in terms each audience understands.
  • Visibly and consistently put customers at the center of your thinking:
    Let customers be apparent in your corporate branding and culture. Maintain proactive contact with your customers so they get to know you more personally. Familiarity tends to increase favorability, and proximity improves your insight into your audience and new trends.
  • 'Business-Personal' is the new business-casual.
    Work should foster mutual trust, respect, self-actualization ... and fun. Employees should feel like owners in terms of their accountability for overall results. They need to see corporate social responsibility and be proud of where they work.
  • Unleash your top talent as your sole competitive asset to assure growth:
    People are the drivers of growth and innovation. Leaders must inspire top talent by living the values of your company visibly and consistently. Exemplar leaders who assure the right work environment bring the best out of talent by unleashing it.
  • Engage your audiences so they drive your message and momentum.
    Start your messaging by listening to and engaging with your audiences. Let them help shape your messaging and timing so your communications are optimally efficient and effective.
  • Practice "inside-out" branding by working from the inside out.
    Create a highly admired culture within your company. Create proof points of excellence inside your company that show you are who you say you are. Then invite external commentators to "look inside" to see what has happened. Media will report changes enthusiastically. "Turnaround" stories will begin to appear, building your new and stronger reputation.
  • Renegotiate terms with disengaged or hostile audiences.
    Don't allow bad relationships to become "givens" that never change. Fix or improve them! A more positive external environment increases your momentum. It reduces resistance and increases active support. Don't avoid naysayers on principle. Most negative audiences can be won over.
  • Embrace the media.
    They aren't going away. If you suffer from coverage you believe isn't fair, or specifically criticizes you too harshly or continuously, then you're doing something wrong. You need to rethink your interface and your strategy, and re-engage with new goals. It's time well spent. The media doesn't give up. If they see you positively, it's a huge win.